Downtown Race – Device Tilt Control + ADS Enabled +Endless runner + Obstacles & Powerups



Downtown Racer it’s a endless runner where you control the car by tilting you’re device. It’s based on the phone’s gyro and it works on all directions(left,right,up or down). It also comes with randomly generated obstacles and power-ups. You can even transition between multiple sceneries such as crossing from grass to dessert and it can be easily expanded.

The difficulty increases as you go and the obstacles get more crammed and the speed increases.
The game records multiple stats such as meters traveled, overall score,and experience gathered. Get as much experience you can to Level-Up you’re car.

By default it comes packed in a driving theme but you can reskin it in no-time. Imagine changing the background with a space one , the car into a spaceship and the obstacles in asteroids and you get a brand new game. All you will need to do it’s to change the sprites inside the source.

Also did my best to code this in the most efficient and optimized way possible. It’s also commented throughout the codes.


-Tilt device to control the car.

-ADS Enabled.

-Endless runner.

-Increasing difficulty.

-Multiple scenery transitions.

-Obstacles & Powerups.

-Gather EXP & Levelup.


-3 Different type of obstacles (small,medium,large) and a tank that moves from left to right.

-Multiple EXP points types.

-Speed Boost powerup.

-Repair power-up.

-Cash collectible.



This game it’s nicely polished and really easy to reskin.Simply change the sprites and you are up and running.All you need to open and compile this source-code it’s GameMaker:STUDIO. The code it’s also nicely commented for a faster modification.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the source-code don’t hesitate to contact me at and I will get back to you as fast as possible. Also if you reskinned it and published it I would love to take a look at you’re product and give some impressions on it