Dribbbleian wordpress plugin


Dribbbleian wordpress plugin
A plugin for showcase your Dribbble portfolios
in your WordPress site.
Dribbbleian wordpress plugin is a light weight WordPress plugin to for dribbble players. If you have a WordPress portfolios site and if you would like to show your portfolios from your dribbble account then you may choose this plugin. It’s very easy to use and have lot’s of multiple features. We will recommend you to use this plugin.

Here is some basic features of this plugin:

  • Responsive grid.
  • Masonery grids.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can show grids using shortcodes.
  • Widget are also ready to use.
  • 8 multiple grid effects.
  • Columns are changeable.
  • Can show portfolios by shorts.
  • Very nice option panel
  • Well documented.
  • Sources and credit

    • Loading Effects for Grid Items with CSS Animations