360 VR Gallery WP


The 360 VR Gallery is a mobile ready responsive WordPress plugin for displaying 360 degree virtual tours directly in the Browser. Now there is no need to segregate the 6 side of panoramic photo. Using 360 VR Gallery you can use just One 360×180 panoramic photo for making a virtual tour. 360 VR Gallery is simple to use. You just need to install the plugin to your website, crate VR Gallery, and past the shortcode directly into any WordPress post or page.
You don’t need to have advanced programming knowledge for making a Virtual Tour.
This script tested on all modern browsers, android and iOS devices. Works well on all devices and screen sizes.


  • One 360×180 panoramic photo
  • New post type for add panoramas
  • Multiple panoramas with responsive slide
  • Keyboard and mouse full control
  • Don’t need database and advanced programming knowledge
  • Auto scroll option
  • More…

Photos of demo not included.

Titan – Responsive Muse Templates for Landing Page + Gallery Widgets


Titan is a pack of fully responsive templates for Adobe Muse CC. With these templates you can create modern and minimalist landing pages, simple portfolio, wedding, celebration or music event website.

Template Features:

  • 5 unique and modern templates
  • Simple gallery widgets (Simple Gallery and Photo Zoom)
  • Modern and creative design
  • Full responsive template
  • Easy to edit and customize with Adobe Muse CC
  • Well organized templates
  • Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Package included:

  • Muse files
  • HTML preview
  • Sketch files
  • Documentation

Software requirements: Adobe Muse CC

Creative Image Gallery for Visual Composer


Creative Image Gallery is a Visual Composer Add-on from the creators of Colors Creative WordPress theme that will give you the best looking galleries on the planet!

Easy to use yet powerful Image Grid Are you tired using complex gallery plugins? Creative Image Gallery is the most balanced solution to show your beautiful images in galleries within Visual Composer in any WordPress theme. Eight layouts Choose between eight layouts – Equal, Auto adjust size, Large first, Masonry, Devices and Devices masonry to create truly unique image grids. Five base cell aspects Horizontal low, Horizontal medium, Square, Vertical medium and Vertical high – select any of them to adjust your layout. Devices mock-ups Truly unique feature: show your images within devices mock-ups. Note: this feature works only if you activate the Creative Devices Mock-ups plugin (sold separately). Different number of columns One, two, three, four, six or twelve columns – define any number on each breakpoint (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile) separately. Scroll effects Apply one of the six scroll effects to your image grid – Fast parallax, Slow parallax, Super slow parallax, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 – or don’t use any. Custom links You can link images to any URL to let users visit your local or outside pages. You can skip some of your images too. Captions Show background color and image, image title and description above your images with cool transformations like fade, scale, slide and rotate on each breakpoint separately. Background You can define background color and image (used for each gallery item), apply different transformations (fade, scale, slide and rotate) and choose when to show it. Title Use image title (defined within WordPress Media window) and show it for each gallery item. Define its color and transitions too. Additional information Choose the source for additional information (image caption or description) and show it for each gallery item. Define its color and transitions too. Transformations Apply zoom in/out effect to gallery images and use fade, scale, slide and rotate effects for caption elements on any breakpoints. Breakpoints You can define the number of columns, margin between items, zoom in/out effect for all images within the grid and all the other settings on each breakpoint separately. Hundreds combinations By combining different caption options, you can build hundreds different image galleries without even changing your layout. Presets (available soon in August) We really want to save your time. Therefore, we’ve prepared many presets that can be applied to your image gallery with just two clicks. Default Visual Composer feature You can use the built-in Presets feature in Visual Composer to view and apply our ready-made presets. Just visit the plugin’s landing page to find the right demo and choose the same preset within the plugin. Save time Presets will save your time for sure. Open the preset list, choose the preset you want, upload your images, and your image gallery is ready. Constant updates We are constantly developing new gallery demos and include their presets into the plugin. If it’s not enough, just drop us a line, and we’ll try to add the preset you need. Extra features Create any number of image galleries with unique option combinations on any breakpoints. Breakpoints You can control almost all the plugin’s settings (like the number of columns, display options, caption transformations and a few other settings) on each breakpoint separately. Unlimited galleries You can build any number of image galleries on your website. Thousands unique combinations All the plugin’s options provide you the ability to create thousands of unique combinations. Don’t limit yourself and amaze your visitors. Use any images, even GIFs The plugin supports not only PNG and JPEG images, you can use GIFs too. Lightbox You can optionally display your gallery images in a lightbox that contains many options, works on all breakpoints and even on touch devices. Documentation and support If you want to understand how the plugin works, please, view its online documentation. If you have any questions after the plugin’s installation, please, drop us a line.

ZoomZu – jQuery Gallery & Slideshow Plugin


Photo gallery with “lazy loading” and responsive fullscreen slideshow

Zoomzu is a vertical style gallery plugin with build-in slideshow that can “lazy load” new gallery items as you scroll down the page. “Lazy Loading” can be configured by specifying initial number of items on page and amount of new items that plugin loads on demand.

The slideshow has seven CSS3 driven animation effects to choose from, and two image scale modes. Plugin is mobile-optimized and it works well on different mobile devices, as well as provides fallback for older browsers that don’t support CSS3

Below you can find key features of this plugin


  • Responsive
  • CSS3 transitions w/ jQuery fallback
  • “Lazy Loading” of new gallery items
  • Build-in slideshow for gallery items
  • 7 slideshow animation effects
  • 2 image scale modes
  • Image preloading
  • Photo zoom with double click/tap
  • Autoplay
  • Touch-swipe support
  • Keyboard navigation with left/right, esc keys
  • Plugin API
  • Retina ready controls
  • Slideshow “close on scroll” feature
  • Valid HTML markup
  • jsHint compliant Javascript code
  • Well documented


# version 1.0 (Jul 4, 2016)

– plugin released!

# version 1.1 (Jul 5, 2016)

– added keyboard support (left/right arrows and esc to exit slideshow)
– added „sliderZoom“ and „sliderZoomLevel“ options to zoom photo with double click or tap

# version 1.2 (Jul 14, 2016)

– added new 3D animation effects – „rotate“, „cube“ and „sphere“
– fixed „close on scroll“ feature to feel more natural
– fixed problem with openSlider() API method when item is not yet visible


Preview was created based on Skeleton
boilerplate. Photo in header made by Karen Horton on Flickr