GoCatchThem – Pokemon Go Inspired Mobile Game


We want to present our newest release – a simple Pokemon Go inspired game, for you to start from, and it can be used as a final product too.

The main character (Plane) follows your GPS position and captures money (points). We are not good at 3D modelling, but we are pretty sure you can create a great and unique character using Blender, or any other editor which exports for babylon.js.

The game uses device Compass to rotate the map and Geolocation to get your position on the map.

The app is using Firebase to store users credentials, points and the Prizes (money) reference.

We have included the same maps library used in the original Pokemon Go game, creating our own style, you can easily create yours, everything explained in the documentation file included in the package.

The game is built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS on top of Ionic framework.

For the 3D character, we used Babylon.js.

Video Preview