Photo Manip


This program is designed to allow users to quickly edit their images by applying various effects.

• Automatic and Manual pixel editing
• Scatter brush
• Ability to add a watermark to your images
• Ability to convert all pixels on screen into black, (grey) or white

The built in pixel editor allows users to either automatically replace an existing color with one of their choice (and have this repeat for every pixel matching that color), or the user can use a brush-like tool to change the color of pixels at the current mouse location

The scatter brush can be used to create the illusion of your image breaking up and being scattered across the screen. For an example, check some of the of the preview images.

The Black and White effect is also supported in this program. At the click of a button your image can be converted into one containing only black, grey and white pixels. Luckily this can be done why keeping the tone of each area in your image.

And finally of course you can add a watermark to your image to prevent any unauthorized reproduction of any image that is created using Photo Manip