TechLife – Mobile, Tech & Electronics Repair Shop WordPress Theme


Tech Life is a premium niche WordPress theme designed specially for mobile phone and tablet repair shops, computer and laptop repair businesses, camera repair shops, printer repair shops, television repair, stereo system repairs, electronic stores and any other technology repair shops and stores.

Tech Life features a responsive mobile ready design powered by Bootstrap 3 that looks great on all devices.
Tech Life is packed with functional and targeted features just for your repair shop or electronic store. Such as listing for services and team members, different types of galleries and elements for displaying any photos or product banners, testimonials and opening hours.

Tech life also features a powerful theme options panel and additional page and post meta options that make it very easy to customize many aspects of the theme with just a few clicks. No coding skills required.

Features List

  • Responsive Layout
  • Retina Ready
  • Unlimited Color Schemes
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Service Products – leverage the power of WooCommerce to sell your repair services
  • Built-in Mega Menu
  • Google Maps
  • Advanced theme options
  • Contact Form 7 Ready
  • Custom Tech Icons
  • Visual Composer (save $34)
  • Revolution Slider (save $19)
  • Documentation included
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Sample content included
  • Child theme included
  • WPML & Translation ready – translation files included
  • Unlimited sidebars – can be set to left or right
  • Built-in mega menu
  • Built-in galleries with lightbox functionality – tile gallery, justified gallery, slider gallery, carousel galley and video gallery
  • Custom post types – Services, Team Members, Galleries, Testimonials, Brands
  • Customizable Footer widget area – supports one, two, three or four columns
  • Custom logo & favicon
  • 600+ Google fonts
  • Social media integration
  • Font Awesome integrated
  • One page support

NOTE: None of the images used in the demo are included with this theme. Links to each of them can be provided if needed.

Sketch Image – Pencil Image


References app :

Real demo app :

Photo Sketch : The photo editor
Photo Sketch converts any photo into an art of drawing with pencil.

Call Recorder Material Design


References app :

Demo Real app :

Automatic Record Call Audio for you

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder



Easily sell any customized services & products creating your own flat and responsive cost calculator or payment forms (even with subscription !) on your wordpress website .
This unique plugin can be used to sell any type of service or products: applications, websites, graphics, seo, pets, lunar fragments …. or anything else.

Your customers can get an accurate estimate of their request (the final estimate/order is sent by email) or directly do payment using Paypal or Stripe. The customer’s email can be automatically sent to your MailChimp / MailPoet / GetResponse list .

You can also choose to hide all prices from the form and emails to use it as a classical form.
Its intuitive and powerful conditional system and its many components allow you to create any type of form easily.

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder also works with WooCommerce : you can easily create a gift creator, or a smart products packs generator. Woo products can be automatically added to the cart at end of the form .

Click here to see a video tutorial / preview of the backend :


This version works with wordpress websites.

If you don’t use WordPress, you can find the standalone version of this plugin here .


  • Fully responsive
  • Multiple forms management
  • Fully manage Steps and Items
  • Can make Paypal and Stripe payments
  • Powerful conditional system : visually link steps and easily add conditions
  • Powerful calculation system : create easily and visually complex prices calculation for your products (formulas)
  • Unique and smartly designed backend
  • Items can be checkbox, textfields, numberfields, textareas, dropdowns, datepickers, file fields, rich content, colorpickers, sliders or pictures
  • Items can be grouped, required, selected by default, or have a negative cost
  • Items can be selected by quantities
  • Items can be hidden/displayed depending on conditions
  • The selection of the quantity can be done using buttons, number field or slider
  • Items images can be automatically filled with the selected main color
  • Item may have a price or apply a percentage to the total
  • Multiple files upload fields with image preview
  • Freely define the allowed types of files and max number of files for each files upload field
  • Customize colors, font, texts and currency
  • Easily use any Google Font in your forms
  • Integrate your forms in your pages using shortcodes
  • Open a form as popup simply using a css class on button
  • Fast & easy import/export data system (images included !)
  • WooCommerce support : items can be woo products, and can be added to cart automatically
  • You can create your own textfields in the last step
  • If you prefer, you can assign a Gravity Form to the last step
  • You can apply differents reductions depending on the quantity selected
  • Confirmation email can be sent to the customer too
  • Emails can be customized from admin
  • Progress bar can show total price or step number
  • Estimations and payments work with subscriptions
  • Forms can generate a single price + a subscription price at same time
  • You can choose to set a percentage of the total price for paypal payment
  • Payment can be enabled depending on defined conditions
  • Statistics panel
  • Orders are stored on backend
  • Orders can be exported as .csv
  • Orders can be sent as .pdf by email
  • Change items order by drag and drop
  • Step can have description under title
  • Steps and items can be hidden ( easily apply tax in your forms)
  • On each link, freely choose if all conditions must be filled or only one to activate the next step
  • Facultative legal notice on the last step
  • A specific url can be opened in new tab when selecting item
  • A summary can be displayed on last step
  • Discount coupon codes management
  • Customer’s informations can be automatically sent to your MailChimp / MailPoet / GetResponse list
  • Contact can be sent before the end of the form
  • Fully translatable using .po file or WPML
  • German and French translations included
  • Google analytics support
  • Automatic updates
  • Reactive support !


If you are using WooCommerce, you can assign a product of your catalog to an item.
Information of the item will be filled automatically, and you can change the title and the picture if you want.
In the plugin settings, you can choose to automatically add selected products to the Woocommerce cart at end, rather than receive an estimate by email.



2016-08-10 :
– Fields values can now be used in email templates
– New option to display the total price at bottom of each step
– New option allowing to hide the progress bar
– Backend UI improved
– Maximum value possible for sliders increased
– Conditions in calculation using numberfields improved
– New option to freely change the top margin scroll (to improve the use of forms with a fixed theme header)
– Woo products can now be assigned to checkbox and sliders
– Minor improvements and corrections

2016-06-21 :
– New Statistics feature
– Duplication of forms improved
– Minor improvements

2016-05-29 :
– Payments can now work with Stripe
– New features & options
– Backend UI improved

2016-05-10 :
– New type of items : „Sliders“
– Minor improvements

2016-04-29 :
– Orders can now be sent as PDF attachment in emails
– Custom calculations using numberfields improved
– Items visibility conditions system improved

2016-04-22 :
– New type „Number Field“ for items. It can be used in calculations and conditions
– Possible issue using custom calculations fixed

2016-04-19 :
– Like steps, items can now be displayed depending on conditions
– Items and last step fields can now be sorted by drag & drop
– Minor UI improvements

2016-04-08 :
– Google Analytics support
– New feature to export orders as .csv
– Animations of forms improved
– Auto calculation of steps height improved

2016-04-06 :
– New option allowing to use any google font or the default theme font in the forms
– Address, city, country, state, first name, last name and phone can now be detected and sent to Mailchimp & GetResponse list
– New step option allowing admin to set a number max of items per row

2016-04-01 :
– new feature allowing to create easily custom calculations on items prices
– summary and email improved using subscription + single prices
– possible issue on preview page fixed

2016-03-31 :
– New option allowing to choose if all conditions or only one must be filled to activate the link
– New multiple files upload feature for file fields (admin can choose allowed extensions and define the maximum number of files that can be uploaded for each field)
– RTL support
– Issue in calculation using hidden items on last step fixed
– CSS improvements

2016-03-23 :
– New item option „Is a part of subscription ?“ allowing forms to generate a single price and a subscription price together (works also with payment)
– Admin can now use dates from datepickers in conditions
– New option to improve compatibility with themes using ajax navigation to show pages

2016-03-19 :
– New option allowing to hide items and steps from the form (useful to apply a tax at end)
– New options „Min size“ and „Max size“ for textfields

2016-03-15 :
– New „Colorpicker“ type for items
– Customer’s email can now be automatically sent to MailChimp / MailPoet / GetResponse lists
– New option „Million separator“ to format price
– New option “Hide all prices” in “Last step” tab, to hide price column and total from summary/email
– New option “Automatic next step” to enable/disable the automatic call of next step when only one item is selectable and step requires a selection
– New option ”Inverse gray effect” to inverse the grayscale effect on picture (item is gray if unselected)
– Minor issues fixed
– Bug on links fixed
– Frontend & backend CSS improvements

2016-03-04 :
– New feature „Discount coupons“

2016-02-17 :
– Possible bug on shortcode integration fixed

2016-02-08 :
– Potential warning message on activation fixed
– Backend UI improved

2016-02-02 :
– New automatic update system
– New option to hide a step from the summary and customer’s email
– Hidden steps and items are now displayed in logs and admin’s email
– Logs improved
– Rich text editor for the legal notice content
– Potential bug fixed in email editor
– Rich text editors improved
– Minor code improvements

2016-01-26 :
– New option to hide quantities column in summary and email
– New option to hide zero prices in summary and email
– New item : Rich text
– German and French translations included
– Minor code improvement
2016-01-03 :
– Forms can now be used to generate subscriptions
– New option to use Paypal IPN
– New paypal options for subscriptions
– Display of selection improved on generated emails
– Stored orders improved
– Summary improved
– Minor code improvements

2015-12-10 :
– Step description and summary improved
– The font size of the price now change automatically to not exceed the circle
– CSS improvements

2015-12-05 :
– Steps can now have a description under title
– Orders can now be sent to several emails

2015-12-03 :
– The customer’s email is now used as „from“ field in received orders
– Potential bug using visual composer with a signle form fixed

2015-11-28 :
– New option „Slider“ for quantity selection
– Woo product variations support improved

2015-11-23 :
– Bug fixed on summary
– Previous page button of the browser can now be used to return to the previous step

2015-11-12 :
– A summary can now be displayed on last step
– Bug fixed when deleting log

2015-10-30 :
– User can now freely edit thousands separator and decimals separator

2015-10-23 :
– new paypal currency & minor corrections
– bug fixed : sometimes the price seemed to increase a short time between each step.

2015-09-18 :
– New type of field : Textarea
– New rich editor for email templates. Admin can now easily add pictures to content .
– Visual Composer support : there is now an „Estimation form“ module in V.C .

2015-09-16 :
– New type of item : file field, to allow customers to upload files
– New loader using the main color during the file upload
– New option : the payable amount on paypal can now be a percentage of the total price of the form
– Yes/No labels of checkbox are now replaced by icons
– The background color can now be changed from the „design“ tab of each form

2015-08-30 :
– Security improved
– Feature to call the next step directly on selection using grouped items improved
– Css improved

2015-08-11 :
– new type of field : „Date picker“
– option to set the language of datepickers
– correction of double click issue on iOS improved
– minor corrections and improvements

2015-08-05 :
– „doubleclick“ issue to select pictures on iOS fixed

2015-07-27 :
– New option to call an url on selection of an item
– Next step will be called automatically at selection if all items use the same group
– CSS improved
– Height of the step panel was increased

2015-07-23 :
– New option to add legal notice on last step
– Css improvements

2015-06-19 :
– New type of item : Select Field
– New option in form settings to add custom css code
– Issue with conditions on form duplication fixed
– Demo data to import improved
– Automatic updates system
– Minors improvements
– Potential bug using checkbox fixed

2015-06-18 :
– New option to hide the price on the final step
– New option to modify the price font size
– Backend UI improved
– Steps can now be duplicated

2015-06-16 :
– Orders are now stored and readable from backend
– Percentage symbol issue fixed in emails and tooltips
– New help tooltips on UI buttons (backend)

2015-06-08 :
– RUB currency added
– Bug fixed with previous link using the „Show step“ feature

2015-04-23 :
– Bug on email template fixed

2015-04-18 :
– Current step display bug fixed
– Predicting calculation improved

2015-04-09 :
– Bugs fixed

2015-04-08 :
– Completely reworked backend : more visual, more intuitive and more beautiful interface
– New powerful conditional system
– Quick form preview from backend
– Plugin is now fully translatable using .po file or WPML

2015-03-11 :
– Bug with description in „row“ layout fixed

2015-01-19 :
– Database error fixed

2015-01-09 :
– Compatibility with avada theme improved

2014-12-12 :
– Bugs fixed

2014-12-08 :
– New integration system (without iframe)
– Gravity Forms support improved
– Reorganized and simplified backend
– Colors can now be managed per form

2014-12-03 :
– items can now be showed as column or row
– total price can now be recovered in a field when a form uses gravity form
– auto-height animation improved, when a form uses shortcodes

2014-10-21 :
– Integration with shortcodes improved

2014-10-20 :
– „Blank screen“ bug fixed

2014-10-17 :
– Paypal payment support
– Order reference number added to payments and emails
– Price animation improved

2014-10-10 :
– When the user changes step, the page is scrolling to the top (for mobile use)
– New option : initial price can now be hidden in the progress bar advancement

2014-09-26 :
– Bug on required field validation fixed

2014-09-10 :
– Admin can now freely edit content of emails (wysiwyg editor)

2014-09-06 :
– Steps and items can now be duplicated

2014-09-04 :
– Checkbox can now be grouped (1 selection per group)

2014-08-26 :
– When a form is set to „Save to cart“, items that are not woo products can now be used as conditionals items

2014-08-12 :
– Items price can now be displayed in the title
– Admin can now apply differents reductions depending on the quantity selected
– Quantity selection can be done with buttons or number field

2014-08-08 :
– Progress bar can now shows the total price or the step number

2014-07-10 :
– Admin can now change titles and descriptions colors
– A form can now be sent to the customer too (email subject and additionnal text can be edited) .

2014-06-30 :
– Admin can now sets the textarea height
– Items can now have a description
– Background panel animation improved
– License verification system

2014-06-22 :
– Bug with fields fixed

2014-06-18 :
– You can now integrate a form in a page using shortcode

2014-06-16 :
– A step now may depend on the selection of an item
– An item may have a price or apply a percentage to the total

2014-06-12 :
– Multiple forms management

2014-06-07 :
– Gravity forms support : you can now assign a custom form to the last step

2014-06-05 :
– Now you can create your own textfields and textareas in the last step
– Items can be textfields too
– You can define a specific url for the close button
– Admin settings panel improved
– Recover easily the selected items and datas with php

2014-06-04 :
– WooCommerce support !
– Possibility to change the size of pictures
– Auto tint images option
– Colorpicker for colors settings

2014-05-31 :
– Items can now be selected by quantities ! (try the item „Database“ on demo)
– Option added to settings to skip introduction
– Plugin name updated
– Bug with some versions of mySQL fixed
– Examples data are now included in the package, ready to be imported

2014-05-30 :
– Fast & easy import/export system for your settings, steps and items (including pictures)
– Prices can now be negatives
– Items can be selected by default
– „Previous step“ link
– Now can be used as page template
– Colors bug fix

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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts


WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts lets you manage product pricing rules and cart discounts easily. Features and flexibility are not matched by any alternative.

Boost Your Sales
Sell more! Set up attractive discounts for customers who buy large quantities. Run special Christmas, Easter or Black Friday promotions. Set up clearance or flash sales. All laptops 15% off until midnight. Free case with each cell phone. Using this extension, you can set up the most powerful promotions in minutes!

Increase Customer Loyalty
Create long term pricing strategies to keep your best customers engaged. Reward customers that reach specific lifetime goals (money spent, orders completed). Use one store for both retail and wholesale sales. Start a club and offer insider discounts. Set up discounts for individual clients based on direct agreements.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

  • Create unlimited pricing rules using a powerful rule editor
  • Control which rules are applied – all, first matched or biggest discount
  • Rule can be applied to all products in store, specific categories or specific products
  • Five different quantity calculation methods to determine pricing tier
  • Display Quantity Discount pricing table on product pages
  • Pricing table can be displayed inline or in a modal
  • Optionally set promotion start and end dates

Adjustment Methods

  • Quantity Discount – discounts increase with quantity purchased
  • Special Offer – specific amount of items purchased discounts other items
  • Exclude matched items – exclude specified items from other, usually more general rules
  • Possible to configure repeating special offer rule (e.g. free frame with each picture purchased)
  • Possible to count quantities of one set of items but apply discount to other item
  • Percentage discount, price discount or fixed price adjustments supported


  • Apply To: All products, Categories in list, Categories not in list, Products in list, Products not in list
  • Customers: All customers, Roles in list, Roles not in list, Customers in list, Customers not in list

WooCommerce Cart Discounts

  • Create unlimited conditional cart discount rules
  • Control whether discounts are applied before tax or after tax
  • Control which discounts are applied – all, first matched or biggest discount
  • Apply rule only if cart contains no products with price adjustments
  • Percentage discount and amount discount supported
  • Optionally set discount start and end dates


  • Cart Subtotal: Subtotal at least, Subtotal less than
  • Cart Item Count: Count of cart items at least, Count of cart items less than
  • Quantity Sum: Sum of item quantities at least, Sum of item quantities less than
  • Products In Cart: At least one product in cart, None of selected products in cart
  • Categories In Cart: At least one category in cart, None of selected categories in cart
  • Customer Details: User in list, User role in list, Order count to date at least, Amount spent to date at least, Shipping country in list

Virtually Unlimited Scenarios

With this powerful WooCommerce extension you can create almost any promotion that you can imagine!

We know your head is probably spinning with perfect ideas but here’s a few examples of what this plugin can do for you just in case you need a hint:

  • Buy at least 10 units get 5% discount
  • Buy between 2 and 5 units get 10% discount, buy at least 6 get 20% discount
  • With each desktop computer get wireless keyboard with 50% discount
  • Spend at least $1000 get 15% discount on your order
  • iPhone case with each iPhone purchased
  • Get $5 cart discount if you purchase anything from category Clothing
  • Everything for $9 until midnight but only if you purchase at least 3 items
  • This month all music albums 10% off, singles 25% off
  • 5% discount if no other discount is applied
  • 5% lifetime discount after your 10th order, 10% after 50th
  • VIP club members get 25% cart discount on all items
  • Give 10% discount on laptops but only if customer is not VIP club member
  • Users with role Shop manager get 100% discount for testing purposes
  • And almost any other dynamic pricing and conditional discount scenario that you can imagine!

What Users Say


Version 1.1, 11 April 2016
[+] Added support for automatic updates
[*] Fixed admin ui styling issue
[*] Improved compatibility with WordPress 4.5

Version 1.0.18, 8 April 2015
[*] Fixed cart discount not being displayed on product quantity change
[*] Fixed „coupon invalid“ warning when the last item is removed from cart
[-] Removed option to apply discount after tax (not available since WooCommerce 2.3)

Version 1.0.17, 9 March 2015
[*] Fixed cart discount not being displayed on the first cart load

Version 1.0.16, 25 February 2015
[*] Fixed a bug that displayed a price striked through when no discount was applied

Version 1.0.15, 19 February 2015
[*] Quick fix related to compatibility issues with WooCommerce 2.3

Version 1.0.14, 4 February 2015
[*] Fixed a bug related to subtotal in widget mini cart
[*] Improved compatibility with WooCommerce 2.0 (function remove_coupon())

Version 1.0.13, 30 October 2014
[*] Fixed a bug related to pricing table display conditions check

Version 1.0.12, 24 October 2014
[*] Pricing table now displays trailing zeros by default
[*] Fixed a bug related to maximum_amount property of WooCommerce coupon
[*] Fixed array to string conversion notice
[*] Fixed subtotal and total display in mini cart

Version 1.0.11, 24 September 2014
[-] Removed hardcoded rounding to two decimals in favor of WooCommerce setting
[*] Change language file template name from default.pot to rp_wcdpd.pot
[*] „Products in list“ will now include products with various statuses

Version 1.0.10, 10 September 2014
[*] Allowing other plugins to extend list of capabilities to use in conditions
[*] Fixed notice „Undefined index: display_offers“

Version 1.0.9, 9 September 2014
[*] Improved compatibility with PHP 5.2 (PHP_ROUND_HALF_DOWN issue)
[*] Changed $discounts_applied property from private to public

Version 1.0.8, 20 August 2014
[*] Allowing discounts to be applied by manually calling apply_discounts()
[*] Fixed cart discount coupon error when WooCommerce coupons are disabled
[*] Fixed a few Strict Standards warnings

Version 1.0.7, 13 August 2014
[*] Suppressing the Coupon Is Not Valid error on cart quantity changes
[*] Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.6, 6 August 2014
[*] Fixed discount rounding issues

Version 1.0.5, 14 July 2014
[*] Fixed infinite loop issue when ‚ghost‘ categories are present
[*] Fixed variable product price adjustment bug

Version 1.0.4, 26 June 2014
[*] Rule selection for pricing table improvements
[*] Fixed a bug that prevented pricing table from being displayed on last variation

Version 1.0.3, 16 April 2014
[*] Improved plugin performance

Version 1.0.2, 27 March 2014
[+] Added user capabilities to conditions list (support for Groups plugin)
[*] Pricing table will be displayed instantly, if all variations have the same price
[*] Fixed pricing table display when using ranges of one unit
[*] Improved algorithms related to quantity calculation

Version 1.0.1, 12 March 2014
[*] Several minor bug fixes

Version 1.0, 10 March 2014
[+] Initial release

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Icons by icons8.

jungle mario adventure -Buildbox Templite- Template Included + Android(studio& Eclipse) Project


jungle mario adventure is a platform game that combines old school game play with modern playability. . Jump and run with Hero in this platformer through 20 exciting levels. Collect all coins to get more points and buy additional items in store. and you add more levels in buildbox template to 200 levels

  • Beautiful high-resolution graphicsl
  • Awesome gameplay
  • Easy and intuitive controls


  • Admob Banner/Interstitial
  • Sound On/Off
  • Leaderboards
  • Splash screen
  • Coins
  • Shop screen, you can purchase coins from the list’ (in app purchase)
  • Share scores
  • adventure gameplay
  • Phone and Tablet support
  • More…
  • Add more levels to 200 levels

How to Setup and Reskin:

  • Import Project into Eclipse.
  • Change the package name, The app Name, Replace the icons of the game, And the admob ID with yours
  • Change Audio file (Mp3)
  • Change the review us URL.
  • Change Atlases file with new images
  • Export Project and upload the APK file to Play Store.
  • I will help you if you need somting

What You Get:

  • Full Source Code eclipse& android studio
  • mario.bbdoc ( BUILDBOX TEMPLATE )
  • Documentation File HTML
  • Extras:

    Try Before You Buy:


    Watchout Or Die – Buildbox Template – Xcode Project



    Watchout Or Die is a challenging and addictive game . tap on screen to switch position and collect gems
    unlock new balls and have fun playing with them . touch anywhere on the display screen to make a move .
    So This game is made with buildbox designed with our own graphics using photoshop and illustrator so you can easily reskin it. You have just to change some assets and you are ready to upload it. With the leaderboard feature now you can share your score and compete with all the other players around the world.

    Enjoy the endless fun and the beautiful design and don’t forget to share your top score to beat your friends

    How To Play:

    • Tap any where on the screen to switch form right to left
    • try to avoid all obstacles


    • Admob Banner/Interstitial
    • Sound On/Off
    • Leaderboards
    • Splash screen
    • Coins
    • Multi Characters +8 Characters
    • Multi Levels +20 Level
    • Endless Mode Different Style
    • Addictive and Challenging
    • Share scores
    • Arcade gameplay
    • Phone and Tablet support
    • More…

    What You Get:

  • XCode Source Code
  • Documentation File HTML File
  • Try Before You Buy:


    iOS City Guide – Sleep, Eat, Enjoy



    Create easily a City Guide iOS App for every city, just in minutes. Get real time data for hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. This app is powered by Google Places API, which ensures every user to be provided with the latest data, including reviews for the different places.


    • Written in Swift
    • Three main types of places: Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs
    • Map
    • Search within all loaded places
    • Build your own favorites category
    • Weather
    • About screen with information about the city
    • Detailed Documentation


    Latest versions
    Version 1.0

    • Initial version