LivelyCart 2 – a Quick and Simple JavaScript PHP Shopping Cart


LivelyCart 2 – a Quick and Simple JavaScript PHP Shopping Cart

Its uses some of the best available resources like Laravel 5.2, AngularJS 1.5, Bootstrap etc

This is our major release after LivelyCart 1, It comes with lot of requested features and functionalities from Multilevel categories to Addon Option prices & lot more like this.

To get better idea of functionalities I would recommend you to please look at demo!!

  • Store Demo :

    • LivelyCart Demo

  • Backend/Admin Demo:

    • Login Details: email: demoadmin@lively­ pass: demoadmin12
    • LivelyCart 2 Backend demo


  • Translation Supported you can easily convert this store into your own language. without changing code.
  • HTMl5 Markup
  • Responsive Layout
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Ready to use.
  • Well documented
  • Robust Admin Section for Managing Store
  • Percentage & Flat Country based Shipping Rules
  • Search Product Functionality
  • Thumbnail & Multiple Images for Product.
  • Slider for product images on details page
  • PayPal Checkout
  • Submit Order by Email – Options for Bank Transfer, COD, Check etc.
  • Multi-level Unlimited Categories
  • Multilingual Support
  • Products can belong to multiple categories
  • Products can have Brand
  • Unlimited Product Options with add-on price support
  • Discount Coupons – Can have percentage, flat discount coupons.
  • Custom Pages Support

Please Note:

To see responsive demo & working PayPal Link in preview you need to remove CodeCanyon Frame or use direct link

Server Requirements:

  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • MySQL 5.x
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • GD Library (>=2.0)

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Easy File Uploader – PHP Multiple Uploader with File Manager


Easy File Up loader is a simple PHP Script to upload files and manage them. The drag and drop file up loader is the main feature of this script. It allows you to upload multiple files very fast and easy way. All files are stored in a writable folder. Once the files are uploaded they can be viewed in files section.

Uploaded files can be downloaded or deleted. So this is not just a file up loader. This includes file explorer and file manager within the same up loader program. Every uploads are logged in log.txt in root folder. So both fileFolder and log.txt should be given chamod 777. This script is tested in both PHP 5 and PHP 7.

Responsive Multiple File Uploader
This PHP File Uploader is fully responsive. You can manage your File Server using your mobile device.
Multiple File Uploader with Progressive Bar
Responsive File Manager
This uploader script have a file manager option itself. You can download or delete uploaded files fast.

  • Drag and Drop File Uploader
  • Large file support upto 256MB
  • Fast and easy uploading
  • Thumnail view of uploaded files
  • Images files are thumnails automatically
  • Download or delete uploaded files
  • File Manager shows uploaded date & file size
  • FTP Made Easy – PHP FTP Client with Code Editor


    FTP Made Easy is a complete solution for online FTP Client software. You can access your FTP location using any web browser and view, edit and delete files in the server. Also you can filter your files by file extension.

    Progressive, Multiple File Uploader
    Easy to Use, Responsive, Drag and Drop File Uploader with Progressive Bar
    Image Files
    Images (jpg, png and gif) can enlarge and view like in a album.
    Code Editor
    Files with coding like txt, php, js, css, html are editable in the ftp client itself using easy to use code editor with color support.

    • Connect to Any FTP Server using a Web Browser
    • Create New Folders
    • View Files and Folders.
    • Upload Files using easy drag and drop multiple file
      up loader with progress bar
    • Popup images, edit code files like txt, php, html, js, css
      with online code editor and save to FTP Server back.
    • Download, delete files and much more….
    • Easy to install in your server.
    • Online Demo available.
    • Installation Guide is available.

    Local Google Results Scraper – PHP Class


    This is a PHP class that allows you to scrape localized Google results from any city, country and state in the world which Google supports.

    Developers can use this class to implement SERP tracking and testing for multiple locations.


    • Get the titles, descriptions, and URLs of Google search results
    • Scrape multiple pages
    • Disable Google’s automatic location detection & allows you to set the location.
    • Doesn’t use a DOM (light on CPU)
    • Supports all google domains (,, etc)
    • Includes methods to search for/list compatible locations and languages

    How does it work?
    Google provides a tool for its AdWords users that lets them preview their ad on the search results for a location of their choosing.

    However, there’s no scrapers for this tool, because Google encrypted the data necessary to override and set the location. This class implements a method to reproduce that encryption.

    Less blocks
    Through my personal testing, I have found that:

    • Google blocks are per-domain (being blocked on doesn’t mean you’re blocked on
    • Blocks are more likely when searching with operators like “inurl” and “intext”

    This class does its best to trick Google into thinking you’re just a normal AdWords user, as long as you don’t spam or search things like “inurl” and “intext”.

    Code samples
    See the screenshots and the documentation for example code.

    Included examples
    This class comes with four working PHP examples:

  • Scraping results from Google into an array
  • Setting the search location
  • Testing a website’s SERP
  • An example form to search for a location and get the results of a keyword.
  • PSR-4
    If you need PSR-4 compliant code, there is a PSR-4 (composer-ready) version of the class included.

    To see a full list of supported locations, see the Google Geographical Targeting page.

    This class requires PHP 5.4+ and the CURL extension must be enabled. That’s all!