WowRating – Make Rating with Effect WOW


WowRating is flexible, customizable rating system written in pure JavaScript. Plugin has predefinied shapes but every presented effect can be used with any svg file.

WowRating can be used as rating or single toggle buttons. Configuration options enable to change colors, shapes, sizes, texts, set rating min/max, disable/enable and many many more

WowRating has 12 animation types:

  • FadeCircles
  • DrawCircles
  • Diving
  • Wow
  • BoxCatch
  • Zoom
  • RippleCircles
  • Rotate3D
  • SmallerOne
  • Burn
  • Swords
  • Rotate
  • Fatty

WowRating can be customised to Your needs, it has 22 configuration options and 3 events.

WowRating is mobile ready for touch devices an responsive breakpoints

Native JavaScript Rating Stars


  • easy initialisation with object based structure
  • Material Design icons
  • no library needed
  • without jQuery
  • LESS based design
  • Easy change of styles, cause of font icons and em based sizeing
  • also for mobile devices (using touch events including moving)
  • light event listener
  • fast response
  • well commented code
  • detailed PDF documentation
  • self destruction after deleting target Node to avoid memory leaks